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Collective Hearts & Caitlin Greene

Collective Hearts is  fueled and empowered by love, devoted to opening our hearts and those around us. This mission resonates beautifully with our mission at Caitlin Greene: Stand for love and bring others along your journey!!!

Collaboration has tremendous power and has lead CH x CG to the creation of the Luminous Love Necklace which is a fusion of 2 companies with one mission: 

creating a symbol that illuminates love, inclusion, empowerment, inspiration, art, science, faith, and joy!



April 2nd: Now Power Yoga

Marin Charitable Floral Fling!
Details to follow


March 9th: Makers Market Mill Valley

There is currently an exciting resurgence in American making, that is both steeped in tradition, and relevant to the modern world.
Come visit us!


Giving back!

We love to give back! Host a trunk show benefitting your favorite charity! CGS is happy to donate a generous portion of proceeds to the charity of your choice.
Contact Caitlin for more info.



…a blue as the ocean. timeless and glimmering.



It should be fun and mean something

We strive to create emotional pieces. Love it or hate it, feelings should be acknowledged.

We want to evoke inspiration, nostalgia, hope, love, joy, humor, light, inclusion and liberation.

We love color. ALL colors. Color has unquantifiable power and pull.

We love creating things responsibly. We source domestically, produce locally, and recycle every bit of scrap metal we can.

We get our inspiration from our customer. If you don’t see the exact combo you want, let us know. We want your input in the evolution of our designs.



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